Location : Shanghai Film Park , Shanghai (click here)

Working on these series of pictures the whole of last night, as highly requested with regards to this retro location that sent you straight back to the 1920s. It feels surreal to be someone from the modern yet being instantly displaced to somewhere in the past when we arrive to this location. Time portal has been the biggest mystery to many of us (if it were possible) and also as a favourite recurring theme of mine. The idea of transporting back to the old times, be it during the Classical period in Rome, Romanticism period in France or here literally living off the streets of Shanghai Tan period in China, always got me imagining how people in the past live their lives (besides imagining from written books), their daily perceptions of things and how wonderfully sweet they’ve depended on hand written letters just to get a message across to their love ones.

While visiting shanghai (purely for a work trip), I’ve never expected myself to chance across such locations which is about 30-50mins away from the bustling CBD area of Shanghai. Rustic lovers, be on a lookout for such locations, I’ll reveal more photographs of it soon in my next set of outfit prepared for this trip.





Midnight Blue Bulk Bomber Jacket

Midnight Blue Long Tailored Pants

White Tencel Long Sleeve Worker Shirt


Virgin Moon Walker – Shoes


Two way Dragon ball Cap/Visor in White



May 15, 2017
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