Continuation Part 4 – How it all came about ? ( and is still on-going )

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Since the inception ORSQ to what you see today – more than 7 months of efforts that had been involved, producing the very first pair of slip-on sneaker. Something that is really simple (as it looks), and what you might not know (in the sneaker industry), is that no less than 30 professionals have actually worked on / been involved in one way or another to just make this very product possible. If you could remember I’ve shared with you some moments on my Instagram Story upon request.

Little did I know as well, the immense amount of time/energy/cost/risk needed to sacrifice just to materialize a single thought – into something tangible and of course well-liked. For anyone who is starting up , this is sure no easy feat really (no one said it was, never in-fact). It’s easy to talk about something you want to do/achieve, and is true we really do have the capability to materialise all these desires, wishes , goals only if we put in consistent conscience effort into it.

All in all, I will be joking if I said I did this all by myself or I solely claim the ownership of the products that have been produced. Couldn’t have achieved all these without the mutual trust and guidance from the professionals and of course I learnt that having a team of trusted professionals through communications  – are key golden tickets to possibilities.








Zipper Tee

Broad Hem Shorts


May 26, 2017
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