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Talking about the Footwear (@ORSQ) and the current bag of responsibilities my team and I are carrying. Branding and all the problems 101. Although it is just the 1st pair of footwear in the making, the beginning is really important to even start off with (I can’t emphasis on the gravity of importance of it) as it will start to create the shape and outlook of the label. We cannot have that mindset – “just do first and we’ll see about it later” We need back up plans while we throw huge sum of money into establishing it. That I have to say, especially for all of you out there who wish to embark on the creatively laborious journey – establishing a label

Fashion business is not a ‘game’ when you’re spending money in large quantities and also efforts that drains your mental health – Personally, I’m not from a very very wealthy family but am very blessed to have supports and have such opportunities to come by. What was the original push for me to create the footwear label, boils down to all of your request and constant encouragements to begin with – on Instagram. I am really thankful for that, and I do truly believe that positive words are powerful mechanism/medium that shape us to who we are today.

ORIGINALLY – The black platform boots (above in the pictures) was the ‘IT’ shoe as highly requested by many of you, and as promised I did it. I managed to made the 1st sample accordingly last November 2016 ( seen on Instastory ), but it went slightly off scale in dimensions/and to remake it – it will cost another huge sum in budgeting. Shoes is very much different from clothing, be it the mechanism involved to make it, also the complexity of 3d features to consider while having to visualise before hand.

THAN – The switch from the Black platform Boots ; TO (current) Virgin Moonwalker Slip on Sneaker was through great deliberations


Virgin Moonwalker (Why?)

  1. A safe – relatable design is good to start with
  2.  Easy matching to all outfits, no doubt
  3.  Genderless, Unisex staple Footwear
  4.  White is a Good color to begin with – as it acts as a blank canvas for many opportunities ahead
  5. Type : Slip-on Sneaker, hassle free from tying shoe lace, prevent slips
  6. Production does not involve real expensive leather
  7. Weight is so much lighter and easier to ship around
  8. More retails are willing accept the simple unique design so I can produce newer ones!
  9.  Leisure casual, I have to emphasis that it’s so so easy to wear – we don’t have to worry at all!
  10.  You really have to get it to know it 🙂

Discover it on –

We love it, so do you!



Zhang Bing



June 24, 2017
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