To most of you who didn’t know, for this post I’ll share with you 5 facts about me – regarding Fashion blogging-diary!

1 – No doubt no doubt, I do it for passion! to create versions/perspectives of my persona. Creating pictures (obsession) like paintings but on a different medium because it’s ONLINE. If you have been witnessing that I never fail to update new experimental looks weekly.

2 – Photoshop & Lightroom & Photography is a must must – which however took me 4 years to master what is needed to know – How do I see it ? I see it as painting ‘digitally’.

3 – These Documentations are plans towards create a book out of it. Sounds cheesy but that’s what it really is! —  *If I ever have children, I want them to know how experimental their dad was – all in a book (Including untold stories for bed time). Because their dad – Paints, draws, conceptualise, performs, creates menstyle inspirations, photographs, develop footwear, understands the workout regime and perhaps be a good business-man … many many more.

4 – Documenting all these good times whilst creating what will be history – till the day I retire to my room. I’ll turn these stories into oil paintings of self portrait/incidents for major exhibitions. Just as though I’ve plan @ORSQ 4-6 years ago back when I was 16. (or you’ll be wondering how lucky I am to to be able to cop the 4 letter branding.)

5 – Displaying style interest and inspirations of menswear both locally and internationally  has been part of my small dream – to create awareness of alternative styling experience. Collaborations (many* non-paid, out of love) with upcoming ready-to-wear new labels. Now I have my very own @ORSQ , I can’t wait to explore on all the possibilities with it. Tell me about yours!

Out of Love we sacrifice,



Zhang Bing


–  Shoulder Slit Woven Polo Tee

– Elastic Waist Band Shorts with Sid Pockets



June 23, 2017
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