Please to have worked with Graye Studio.  Graye Studio is an upcoming new menswear label in the local scene ( Singapore ). The local scene of the menswear label to look for for purchase has been scarce for many years and I’m glad to hear that new exciting ones like – Graye Studio are coming up. Graye had kindly approached me to provide a statement for their pieces and I’ll be styling them in various manners during the weeks to come.

One look, and there’s no doubt that the designs are really down to earth and absolutely easy to wear. Weeks before, I’ve also been invited to head down to their showroom for a fitting and understanding. (You can make an appointment with them !) Efficient in responding – They are really humble and hardworking, prices are really affordable too! I’m so happy have met  and work with them.

Support the local fashion industry, buy from our designers, give these young designers-entrepreneurs greater opportunities to expand on more creative designs.

Develop a uniquely creative culture in our very own city.

Thank you Rebekah and Qian Qian.

Congratulations to your new collections, and many more to come!





– Noir Linen Jacket

– Stripe Culottes

– Drafting Shirt





June 26, 2017
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